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Our History

Our History

FunXtion was founded by Mendel Witzenhausen and Ernst de Neef in 2011. After many years of experience in the fitness industry, they strongly believed that the fitness game had to change. The growth of the health & fitness industry over the last few decades was the result of many people's growing consciousness where their health is concerned. The fitness product failed to grow at the same pace, staying
 close to its bodybuilding origin. The industry is now facing a huge gap. The fitness industry needed a game changer which would trransform the traditional environment and conventional methods in order to close this gap. The FunXtion concept was launched in The Netherlands in 2011 and is now experiencing rapid international growth too.

Our Belief

The demand for the fitness product is still growing, yet at the same time the fitness industry has come to a stand still. We believe that fitness in the traditional way with the traditional methods is no longer serving the customer needs. The fitness model has always been based on the focus on results, which is a rational approach. We strongly believe that it’s more important to get customers engaged and emotionally involved first. If people like what they do, they tend to continue with it much longer. Fitness in the traditional model has to proven to be very boring and a non-energetic experience to customers. That’s why we don’t focus on bigger, faster, slimmer, but on making fitness fun and playful! This will keep your customers motivated and the chance of achieving results more likely!
We also believe that people should be able to do their fitness workouts either together or togethr apart alone, anytime, anywhere in a fun, playful and challenging way. That’s our mission.

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