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In plain terms, why you need to go digital!

April 26th, 2018 14:01 by Nick van Eijk

In plain terms, why you need to go digital!
Digitizing! You’ve probably heard of it before and you may have even read an article or two about it.

But, what’s the buzz all about?
Over 40% of all global industries are digitized, with the fitness industry relatively low on the list. Digitization of the fitness industry isn’t something new. Having been through some ups and downs it is now stabilizing.  For some time now, a few companies have been working on the development of new digital technology for the fitness industry. With the overall goal to improve day to day processes, supporting staff and creating an overall better customer experience.
We have found that time and time again the process of digitizing the fitness landscape has been viewed with quite an amount of skepticism. The transition from analog to digital has been a slow one compared to other industries and in some cases, has even been flat out rejected. There are 97.000 fitness and health apps existing today, and the top 10 apps generate 4 million free and 300.000 paid downloads each day, knowing this we simply cannot afford to be up to date.
The tide is now changing and with it, the way gym owners feel about digitizing their companies. Over the last two years, we’ve seen an incredible increase in development, interest, and implementation of new digital technologies within gyms.
It was felt by many that digital technology was only here to replace fitness, group instructors, and even personal trainers. The fear was real and it created a lot of resentment.
However, the reality is that it was always about enabling and supporting your staff to perform at higher levels and create a better customer experience. The right technology is a complementary tool to increase motivation and reduce attrition.
Automating basic tasks like creating content, programming, running countdowns and tracking progression allows your staff to focus on what’s really important -  engaging in honest and sincere interaction, coaching on a higher level and entertaining your members to keep them happy and satisfied with. 

Data Mining
One of the biggest challenges of being a gym owner is to stay ahead of the game. Being able to deliver on demand and staying up to date is vital to the survival and growth of your business.
10 years ago, it was much more difficult as there was no centralized data collection point, it was impossible to get real-time feedback on your customer needs. Customers are now expecting digitization! The collection of vital data such as customer behavior and local demographics is just as easy as flipping a light switch. It should come as no surprise that at FunXtion we truly believe collecting data should be a priority when it comes to forming a solid and sound business strategy.
With 25.1% of all adults use either a fitness tracker or smartphone app to track their health, weight or exercise, there are simply no excuses for not having the right local key data points.
Customer experience
Supporting your staff and collecting data is important, but without excellent customer experience, you are lost in the game.
There is literally nothing more important than creating world-class customer experience and providing excellent service towards your members. For too long your staff has been, unnecessarily, occupied with secondary tasks, taking away vital time and energy from their primary focus - the member.  We need to go even further than sincere interaction, high-end coaching and entraining effective classes.
Imagine that you have integrated a digital ecosystem within your gym with which your customers can interact both in and outside the gym. It starts even before your customers set foot in the gym. They sign up for classes, check their progress, interact with your staff or even look for basic information in the app or on the website. Through online your providing your customers with world-class 24/7 on-demand content and you’re enabling them to workout at any time, anywhere with anyone.
You’ll gain a lot more than just satisfied customers, you’re creating lifelong happy and loyal members in your fitness community, which in turn brings you a much healthier business!
In short, the digitization of the fitness industry is real and it’s evolving fast. Industries around the world are already years into digitizing their external and internal processes. Digitizing has already proven to make organizing work, interacting with customers and creating a better consumer experience more efficient and effective.
It’s just a matter of time before we reach the tipping point and see this 4th industrial revolution to be 100% integrated and realized.
The question now is, will you wait and see or are you going to take the necessary steps to stay ahead of the game. 
Over the last three years, FunXtion International has been at the forefront of developing innovative digital technology and providing digital solutions for the fitness industry. With a deep understanding of digital technology and a clear vision of what digitizing your company means, we are here to support and guide on the right path.

~ Digital consumer engagement is ranked 1st when it comes to strategic and spending priority amongst the top 1000 businesses in a global survey.


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