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ProDrive Technology

July 2nd, 2018 10:48 by Lotte Kerhoff

FunXtion Best Practice – Corporate Application
Prodrive Technologies Eindhoven /The Netherlands 
At Prodrive Technologies they are crazy about technology! Applying the very latest techniques in their production systems and working processes in a wide range of ways. They aim to achieve perfection down to the smallest details, and it works! Thanks to this approach, they can offer their customers and the organizations responsible for certifications – products, and solutions of unmatched quality.
Currently supporting 1200 FTE’S (Full-Time Equivalent) with an average user age of 28 years. This high-tech company believes that the FunXtion concept perfectly fits into its core beliefs, even supporting its own fitness center in the building for its workers!
Speaking to Tim Van Hout, a freelance consultant at Prodrive Technologies and owner of the gym (FIIT, Valkenswaard) is responsible for the FunXtion concept being introduced into the company.
Since Monday the 18thof June, Prodrive Technologies introduced the FunXtion concept into their building. 
“The implementation worked out really well because the FunXtion team did a great job helping with it. We just started this Monday, so I am showing all the employees how to use it. The first time they hit the gym I drag them to the FunXtion zone and show them how to use it. The reactions to the FunXtion concept are really great because of all the equipment, functions and the big screen which will help them to have a more intensive workout,” Tim Van Hout.



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