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Want to stay connected with your members? Go digital!

March 30th, 2017 12:11 by FunXtion

Want to stay connected with your members? Go digital!
Does staying connected to your members and actively helping them achieve their goals, both inside and outside your gym, sound good to you? Then you should consider incorporating a smartphone app into your digital approach. This can be a great first step towards increasing involvement and contact with your members.
Our world is increasingly becoming smartphone-driven. We check our e-mails constantly, send WhatsApp messages, and visit social media pages and news websites. Imagine the impact you could have if your gym was among these apps.

No link to gyms
There's a wide selection of sports-related apps available, such as Strava, Runkeeper, Runtastic, and dozens of other excellent options for tracking activities and following training programmes. The only missing link: an app for personal gyms. That's exactly where the opportunities lie for intensifying contact with your members and creating a more solid bond.

Developing your own effective and challenging app is expensive, time-consuming, and complex. That's what makes FunXtion such a great solution. FunXtion is an interactive coaching system that consists of a smartphone app for members and a FunXtion Experience Station for your gym, which is essentially a huge iPhone that clients can work out to. 

How does it work?
Members can download the app and create an account. During the registration process they can enter their personal details, including their gym membership. This gives them access to your gym anywhere and everywhere: at home, in the forest, or in the park. Members can set their own goals to automatically track and register their results.

Challenges: FunXtion Experience Station
The smartphone app is linked to the FunXtion Experience Station at your gym. This huge 55-inch screen offers members the opportunity to follow dozens of exercises and training sessions, either together or alone. The exercise results are tracked in the app and vice versa. Members can also challenge each other at the station, which helps them stay motivated and inspires them to visit the gym more frequently.

Make exercising fun
Setting personal goals, tracking your results, and sharing them on social media is all possible with your smartphone. Friends can challenge each other and then follow workouts using the Experience Station at your gym. In short: FunXtion makes exercising fun and challenging. It encourages your members to visit the gym more often and because it's so fun, they'll stay motivated for longer.

More involvement and communication
In addition to checking their e-mail, social media accounts, and news feeds, your members can also check their latest results from the Experience Station in your gym at home, in the cafe, or on the bus or train. This keeps you in constant contact with your members, improves involvement, and reduces client losses.

Personal coaching
The added advantage of FunXtion is that it offers you various white label opportunities and the ability to offer personal coaching for a relatively low membership fee. This keeps your members in constant contact with your gym. Your coaches can use the app to create personal workouts, share training schedules, and draft individual diet plans. As a result, you can offer your members better service while simultaneously generating an additional form of income.



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