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Fitness is sometimes hard to keep up for your customers or employees. At FunXtion we truly believe that fitness should be playful and fun. This will keep your customers going and will make them come back over and over again. That’s what we do at FunXtion. We can provide you with happy customers and employees who stay forever.

We make fitness
an experience

Most people fall out of love with their fitness training very quickly because they find it boring, heavy going and time intensive. Monotony kills motivation. It’s that simple. We have created a fitness experience that is fun, playful and challenging, anytime and anyplace. We can create meaningful experiences which capture value for your customers. That’s how we help you to motivate your customers and employees

We give you
peace of mind

At FunXtion we have created an all-in-one concept that offers you a total solution for your functional experience space. We will organise the design of your FunXtion zone, deliver the functional training products, train your staff, offer great programming and provide you with extensive marketing support. Sleep well.

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We make fitness fun and playful


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For decades, the major challenge for the fitness industry has been the retention of fitness members. Obviously, focussing on results isn’t enough to motivate the customer. Escpecially not when the way to achieve goals is a boring, non-energetic experience. We believe that fitness should be fun and playful in order to keep your customers motivated. This keeps them going and increases the chances of realising some great goals!

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We are offering an all-in-one concept

The FunXtion concept is an all-in-one concept, which has been built on multiple solutions which will give you peace of mind. We will design your functional training space, educate your staff, deliver programming, provide great interactive solutions and offer you extensive marketing support.

We create your FunXtion Experience

We will turn your FunXtion space into an experience which will delight your customers!

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We supply your functional materials

We will deliver functional fitness materials, functional flooring and training racks of the best pos…

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We provide training, education, programming

FunXtion offers training and education for your staff on a regularly base of the highest quality!

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We offer great interactive solutions

Discover the most innovative solutions with the FunXtion Experience Station and FunXtion app!

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We provide extensive marketing support

Get the best online and offline marketing support to maximise your FunXtion success!

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Sector of industries

Who we serve

Health- and Fitnessclubs Health- and Fitnessclubs

Implement the FunXtion concept and provide your members with the best functional training experience…

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Hotels & Wellness Hotels & Wellness

Serve your hotel and spa customers with a great interactive virtual experience in a small functional…

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Medical & Rehabilitation Medical & Rehabilitation

Your functional training space for rehabilitation or prevention can be fun, playful and challenging …

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Local authorities Local authorities

Unique conditions and requirements need a special fitness workout approach

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Companies Companies

Get the most productive and happy employees by introducing FunXtion in your company

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Funxtion in the media

Our customers

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Michael Rustwat - General manager Fit for Free

Michael Rustwat - General manager Fit for Free

"Fitness for Everyone! That’s what we stand for. We can distinguish ourselves and live up to the expectations of our slogan with FunXtion as an added experience in our gyms."

Maarten van Kempen - Owner Fitland Group

Maarten van Kempen - Owner Fitland Group

"Real fitness! That’s what it’s all about. FunXtion allows us to introduce authenticity to your experience and results. This is one of the things how we distinguish ourselves."

Maarten Stuivenberg & Marieke Schimmel - owner Tesqua Health- and Racketcentre

Maarten Stuivenberg & Marieke Schimmel - owner Tesqua Health- and Racketcentre

"Member retention is always a challenge. This has become a great deal easier and a lot more fun with FunXtion on our side. FunXtion offers our members the experience they want to come back for time and again."

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