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We're bringing fun back to fitness

  • Challenge yourself and your friends

    Challenge yourself and your friends
    Push yourself to the next level and compete with other FunXtionatics

  • Track your performances

    Track your performances
    With My FunXtion, you can easily track & trace your performances

  • Anytime and anywhere with My FunXtion

    Anytime and anywhere with My FunXtion
    Your workouts in the gym, at home or on the go

  • 700+ gyms have already implemented FunXtion

    700+ gyms have already implemented FunXtion
    Find your nearest gym and get your FunXtion workout

Push it to the limit

Challenge yourself and your friends

realtime challenges

Punish me please

Soraya Keir challenges Fred Roeskens for ‘Punish me please’

20 minutes ago

Hurricane Jane

Tristen Gerald challenges Leroi de Barry for ‘Hurricane Jane’

30 minutes ago

Kettlebell crush

Sjakie van Lenz challenges Jerred Wilfred for ‘Kettlebell crush’

35 minutes ago

Bum Bum Bum

Kevin Rien challenges Walter Cade for ‘Bum Bum Bum’

50 minutes ago

Down the ladder

Gillis Koloman challenges Jean van Drunen for ‘Down the ladder’

1 hour ago




Carlos Gregor

Carlos Gregor 8.525

Skillfull Legend level 2


Alva Viktor

Alva Viktor 8.410

Skillfull Legend level 1


Dirk Corrie Campo

Dirk Corrie Campo 8.260

Experienced Olympic Master level 4


Frédéric Moralez

Frédéric Moralez 7.990

Skillfull Olympic Master Level 5


Sonny Niles

Sonny Niles 7.675

Experienced World Master Level 1

Your performance in one overview

Track your performance

Log on to My FunXtion and track and trace your performance, view your workout diary and find yourself on leader boards. Your results are displayed on a dashboard which will provide you with a clear overview of the workouts and challenges completed, your progress, next level status and much more.
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Why FunXtion?

Play, fun and challenging in one workout!

You have set your goals and are now focussing on results, but you have very quickly quit your fitness training. Ever wonder why? The reason is simple: because it was boring and no fun!
FunXtion offers a fitness experience with maximum impact in minimum time! FunXtion allows you to do your workout in your digital environment, wherever and whenver you want, with help of your virtual online coach. You determine your own workouts at any required level, enjoying top-quality functional training programs that FunXtion supplies.
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In the gym, home or on the go

Anytime and anywhere

FunXtion Experience Station
The FunXtion Experience station has been developed to offer you an interactive functional training experience you will love! Just log on with your FunXtion wristband and touch the 55” screen to choose your workout experience from the menu. The FunXtion Experience Station offers a wide variety of single exercises, workouts, challenges and different timers. Your activities on the FunXtion Experience Station are logged in your personal My FunXtion account.

FunXtion mobile app
The FunXtion mobile app will allow you to gain access to your workouts anytime, anywhere! The FunXtion app contains a wide variety of weight exercises, many workouts on the go and great challenges. You can view your progress, see the activities you’ve completed and upload your results on Facebook. Just start playing with the FunXtion app and discover all the fun you can have with it!

Are you curious about your position on the FunXtion leader boards? Do you want to see you statistics and view your progress? Do you want to find friends, share your status and see what is trending? Just log on to your personal My FunXtion account on the website and get all the information you are looking for. Have fun!

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people are currently doing funxtion worldwide


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Challenge your friends and push yourself to the limit

Workout anywhere, anytime and anyplace

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