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FunXtion introduces FunXtion Analytic Intelligence

November 13th, 2017 12:14 by Mendel Witzenhauzen

FunXtion introduces FunXtion Analytic Intelligence
FunXtion introduces FunXtion Analytic Intelligence
November 20, 2017
Today we will launch FunXtion Analytic Intelligence (FAI) which makes it possible for club operators, managers, Pt’s, and instructors to run their business not on gut feeling but by providing them with real time data on numbers and performance.
We are asked frequently by club operators to give them an insight in the usage data of the FunXtion Experience Station, behaviour of their members and trainers. In the end, even more important, is the interpretation of this data. 
Digital is the new normal and with this "new normal”, these questions are very relevant for club operators. Clubs that want to survive and thrive in an ever-changing business, will need data from all of their suppliers in order to make smarter business decisions. 

Here are just a few examples of how real-time data will help you

  1. Support in making the right business decisions, not driven by gut feeling but based on actual facts
  2. Process automation which makes it easier for organisations to spend time on their core business 
  3. Personalization: clubs need to customize their offering to the demand of members and staff by personalization based on actual needs
  4. Product Innovation: improve daily business to increase member satisfaction
  5. Maximize and utilize the investments made on the gym
What does FunXtion Analytic Intelligence offer?
Every touch and event on the Experience Station is converted into data and stored in the FunXtion Cloud. This data is immediately transmitted to the FunXtion Interactive CMS, an online portal where every club can view its own data, per club, real- time and compare this data with data of all other Experience Stations in the market.
It provides clubs with an insight in how many members are using the Experience Station, how many accounts are created, how many lessons have been scheduled, the number of participants in these lessons, most popular workouts and much more. It means that clubs can also compare previous months or the same period in the year before. 
This all is just the beginning as we are currently building a platform where we will interpret this data for club operators and provide them with our conclusion and feedback as an automated business consult. It that way, clubs will be able to optimize the way they run their business. The platform has the extended benefit of combining the Experience Station data with the data of app usage, external environment and more to provide clubs with the best and clearest insights. 
How do you get access to FunXtion Analytic Intelligence?
Clubs don’t have to do anything. Clubs using FunXtion already have a login to the CMS of FunXtion Interactive and from today they will see their real-time data. Completely free of charge.
For more information contact us at or visit


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