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Maarten Stuivenberg: 'FunXtion is the ultimate experience members are waiting for'

April 1st, 2017 14:00 by FunXtion

Maarten Stuivenberg: 'FunXtion is the ultimate experience members are waiting for'
FunXtion supports the experience strategy of Tesqua in Ede

FunXtion is an important facilitator in creating the ultimate fitness experience. Maarten Stuivenberg of Tesqua Health & Sports Centre in Ede uses FunXtion to motivate his members. Tesqua is constantly in motion an approach that is starting to pay off. 'Most gyms have an average client loss of 45%. Our figure is much lower.'
With 75 permanent employees, lots of enthusiastic members, and eight outdoor tennis courts, Tesqua in the Dutch city of Ede a successful all-inclusive gym. Here, members of all ages can enjoy cardio and strength training, spinning classes, tennis, squash, and swimming, either individually or in groups.

Strategy development
To provide new and existing members with the best possible service, Maarten is focused on continuously developing his strategy. 'People are looking for atmosphere, enjoyment, and experience,' says Maarten. 'When I first heard about FunXtion a few years ago, I knew it would be the perfect addition to our strategy.'

FunXtion: an innovative and immersive experience
According to Maarten, FunXtion brings fun and experience back to the gym. It does this by encouraging people to exercise together in a unique, social, and digital way using the smartphone app and the FunXtion Experience Station: a 55-inch screen with thousands of exercises. Members can work out alone, with friends, or with a group.

Logging in with a wristband
Maarten explains how it works: 'Our members can create a My FunXtion account via the app. They can then request a special RFID wristband at the reception desk. Then, all they have to do is hold their wristband against the FunXtion Experience Station to log in to their account. This gives them instant access to their fitness results and all of the exercises, such as challenges with friends and individual workouts. We also offer daily FunXtion group classes, led by our instructors. All new employees are required to take a one-day FunXtion training course.'

Implementation days
In terms of implementation and maintenance, Maarten has nothing to worry about. 'When we first started, FunXtion installed the Experience Stations for us. During these so-called implementation days, our team was fully briefed on the FunXtion system. The training sessions are updated automatically, which means we don't have to worry about a thing. Everything is arranged down to the last detail for a fixed monthly fee. This covers everything from music and lights to software and new training sessions.'

FunXtion proved to be a valuable addition to Tesqua. 'As a gym, we're constantly focused on innovation. But adding a few new treadmills isn't exactly innovative and may only be noticed by a few clients. FunXtion is different; it's progressive and catchy. It's an immersive experience, which is exactly what clients these days want.'

Going digital
FunXtion is also part of the digitisation bandwagon, which is something Maarten appreciates. 'If you want to survive in this industry, you have to digitise. Smartphones, apps, the internet: they're becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. FunXtion is meeting this demand with its app and its Experience Station.'

Online coaching
Maarten sees plenty of opportunities for incorporating FunXtion into future business practices. 'We'll soon offer online coaching, a new module by FunXtion. We're currently training three of our instructors to become online coaches. This means our members will soon be able to contact us 24/7 via the app.'

Result: lower client losses
Continuous innovation, targeted branding, and an immersive experience: the Tesqua strategy is starting to pay off. 'Most gyms have an average client loss of 45%,' says Maarten. 'Our figure is much lower and has improved by about 10% over the past three-and-a-half years. In short: people feel at home at Tesqua.'

About Tesqua
In 1996, Maarten's parents purchased a huge tennis club in Ede with ten outdoor courts and nine indoor courts. Maarten immediately joined the family business, first as a bartender and then taking on a more organizational role.

Extensive range
In 2003 he took over the company with his sister, Marieke, and saw the huge potential of the fitness industry. They decided to enter the sector together and Tesqua has since grown into the biggest gym in the region. Tesqua members can enjoy an extensive range of fitness options, such as tennis, squash, swimming, yoga, FunXtion, and personal coaching.

Atmosphere, experience, and social design
Those who stop by Tesqua are in store for a unique experience that includes a warm and friendly welcome on arrival. The gym itself is extremely social by design. For a good cup of coffee or a refreshing post-workout drink, members can stop by the restaurant or the lounge bar, which overlooks the spacious gym and pool.
The gym itself is large, light, and modern, with the latest fitness equipment. Transparent partitions divide the area into specific zones and give the space a comfortable and cosy atmosphere that makes everyone immediately feel at home.



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