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Press Release FIBO 2019

April 3rd, 2019 15:09 by Joyce Power

Press Release FIBO 2019
FunXtion – FIBO 2019 Preview 
FIBO 2019 will see FunXtion, expert in interactive digital fitness, reveal new, innovative and tailored digital solutions to enhance the customer journey through ground-breaking, flexible, digital fitness content.
Launching at the show will be the FunXtion Experience Multi-Screen Solution. This unique innovation enables the digital delivery of multiple exercise demonstrations to numerous screens programmed to run concurrently. It also integrates music and lighting, enabling operators to create an immersive, boutique experience.
Also new for FIBO, is the FunXtion Experience Station BoxConnect. This enriches the tailored solutions delivered by FunXtion, providing unrivaled flexibility to display content in a way that most suits the environment. In small spaces, the box itself can deliver content whilst, in larger spaces, an independent, cinematic screen can be connected to create a more immersive experience shared by any number of users.
The FunXtion Experience Station supports members through workouts, progressions and regressions whilst also demonstrating correct exercise technique. This allows the trainer to spend more time with individuals who need additional support and enables individuals to access a huge selection of standardised workouts any time.
Ernst De Neef, CEO at FunXtion, says: “We recognise that every workout space is unique. To reflect this, our offer provides multiple content delivery options to suit a wide array of environments and budgets. FunXtion delivers quality fitness content to the gym floor, creating motivating, virtually instructed workouts that engages members and supports trainers.
‘Through seamless integration with the FunXtion Interactive Content Management System (FunXtion Interactive CMS), the FunXtion Experience Station provides access to a huge range of preloaded, inspiring on-trend content. Operators also have the option to load their own content, creating a totally bespoke offering that delivers quality instruction and training support without the need to increase gym floor staffing levels.”
Visitors to the stand at FIBO will also be invited to explore an updated version of the FunXtion Workout Creator, which delivers the market’s most advanced digital programming solution. Helping to ensure consistent programme quality, the Workout Creator provides a valuable resource to trainer. It grants access to an extensive library of fitness content, updated quarterly by seamless remote download and gives trainers the creative support needed to ensure prescribed workouts and group exercise circuits remain varied, on-trend and engaging. This drives engagement and ultimately keeping members training in the facility more times per week over a longer period of time. 
FunXtion have been nominated in the FIBO Innovation Awards; the FunXtion Experience Multi-Screen is nominated in the Digital Fitness category and the FunXtion Workout Creator in the Performance category. Winners will be chosen by a jury and the awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 3 April 2019 during the European Health & Fitness Forum.  
Find out more about all of FunXtion’s new innovations at FIBO, visit Hall 8, Stand E61. To pre-book a product demonstration with the team, email or visi t for more information.
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Notes to Editors:
If you would like to book interviews with any of the following at the show, please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements:
·      Ernst de Neef, Chief Executive Officer
·      Mendel Witzenhausen, Chief Technology Officer 
·      Raimo Treffers, Director of International Sales (formerly of Escape Fitness) 
About FunXtion
Funxtion is an interactive digital fitness company that believes fitness should be fun, playful and challenging for anyone, anywhere.
This is achieved through the provision of consistent world-class fitness content direct to the training floor. FunXtion utilises the very latest in digital technology to deliver high-quality, guided coaching, programming, and service to every member, every visit.



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