The Funxtion Story

From our conception, we have sought to solve the industry’s problem of traditional, inefficient, and non-energetic in-club experiences.

We believe in delivering next-level consumer-centric digital fitness experiences supporting clubs to offer the same quality workouts and classes to their members seamlessly outside of the club as well as in the physical space. Our squad of creators represent the cream of the crop in producing smart, powerful content that motivates and energises your audiences.

FunXtion Team

We believe that technology is a tool to motivating people to change their behaviour for a healthy happier lifestyle.


We strive to work together with our clients in a true partnership to enrich and enhance their digital offerings.


We endeavour to enact positive change and success through strong partnerships, working together to focus on solutions, not problems through open and strong communication.

The Founders

If we are to get more of the western world moving, activity needs to be integral to life, not an interruption to it. This means creating training environments where people spend most of their time - at home and at work. We are on the edge of an exciting new evolution, where technology drives the accessibility of training services, making it possible for fitness to become as much a part of daily life as brushing your teeth.

Mendel Witzenhausen CTIO

Digitalisation makes it possible for gym owners to engage communities in a way that doesn't just involve physically visiting a facility. Funxtion is there to help with this digital journey to unlock and enrich their potential.

Ernst de Neef CEO

Meet The Core Team

Our mission is to help you to create a fitness experience that is playful and re-energising time and time again. Here is our management team that is dedicated to bringing personal service to you and your clients.

Ernst De Neef


Mendel Witzenhausen


Tom De Lange

Product Owner

Joyce Power

Marketing Manager

Karen Euser

Product Manager Content

Anthony Agustin

Lead Developer

Dylan Watzeels

Product Manager for In Club Solutions