1Rebel Hammersmith has partnered with FunXtion to digitally empower their new RIG circuit class

In Club • 23/11/2021

The new 1Rebel RIG concept is a functional, high-intensity workout that comprises 4 endurance-testing zones: the assault bike, rower, bench, and rig.

Adam Wagner, Marketing Director for 1Rebel said: “We wanted to create an experienced-driven and customer-focused concept that made fitness more accessible and successful for our customers. 

With such a unique and challenging concept, 1Rebel recognised the important role instructors would have in delivering the ultimate workout experience. 

He went on to explain: “We needed a way to digitally provide exercise demonstrations that would take the pressure off of our trainers and enable them to focus more on personalising the workout experience and connecting with our customers.” 

Trainer optimisation

1Rebel entrusted FunXtion with the task of elevating their concept with the implementation of their MultiScreen Solution.

“We wanted the trainer to have more bandwidth to connect with customers. The Funxtion system means they’re efforts are centred on coaching, queuing and entertaining clients, which improves the overall workout experience.”

1Rebel and FunXtion

Digital evolution

By leveraging the FunXtion MultiScreen Solution technology, they were able to position 32 screens that stream 1Rebel’s very own content to every customer across all 4 workout zones.

“FunXtion was an obvious choice because they are solving a product problem. They’re pioneers in the industry in terms of what they’re doing. The RIG concept together with FunXtion’s MultiScreen Solution is truly unique because it’s really an evolution of the circuit class experience.”

“The FunXtion screens are really well received in Hammersmith. Their product has empowered our team to create a high-end circuit experience that’s given our trainers the tools to provide that community building experience we were aiming for. The FunXtion team has really been amazing and super accommodating.

The partnership with FunXtion and their MultiScreen Solution software has allowed 1Rebel to enhance their in-club experience to a much more connected and engaged level.

Ernst de Neef, CEO of FunXtion, says: “Together, we’ve created something revolutionary in the circuit class experience. It’s been a fantastic experience working in partnership with 1Rebel and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved together.”

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