Fitness First Germany partners with FunXtion to power-up its gym floor training experience

In Club • 23/11/2021

Fitness First Germany has super-charged its members’ gym floor training experience with the roll out of FunXtion’s Multiscreen Virtual Player solution across its portfolio.

FunXtion’s Virtual Player is a digital platform housing thousands of beautifully shot and perfectly executed video exercises, workouts and virtual classes. Multiple screens (provided by FunXtion) connect to the Virtual Player and are strategically positioned in functional training spaces to optimise the member experience. The exercises featured can be programmed to run concurrently, creating a circuit of digital instructors that provides every member with constant visual prompting.  The Virtual Player and digital fitness content are fully custom-branded and display Fitness First’s own backgrounds, fonts, and logo.

Fitness First Digital In Club Fitness

“Digital instruction is the next phase of evolution in gym floor training.” Says Martin Seibold, CEO, LifeFit Group – owner of Fitness First Germany. “Providing our members with access to high quality, digitally streamed exercise demonstrations empowers our gym floor trainers to focus more on mentoring and coaching. This creates opportunities to deliver a much more personalised experience for members, creating an environment where every member is progressing towards individual goals.

“We are constantly assessing the market to ensure our offer remains relevant to the lives, expectations and needs of our members, whilst also maintaining our position as one of the sector’s innovation frontrunners. Group training on the gym floor has been a core component of our offer for many years and is still highly valued by our members. This latest integration with FunXtion enhances the already successful format and elevates the member experience to a whole new level.”

Fitness First usage of tablet

The roll out, which began during lockdown at the end of 2020, gives all the brands’ members across 50+ clubs access to the new experience.

Ernst De Neef, CEO FunXtion, says: “Fitness First has been sharing our content via their member app for a while, so all the exercise demonstrations displayed by the multi screens in their sites will already be familiar. This demonstrates a strategic digitalisation journey and provides a valued continuity, highlighting to members the brand’s commitment to ongoing enhancement of the member experience.”

Martin Seibold concludes: “Digitalisation is enabling gym’s to create inspiring, customer-centric experiences that, even a decade ago, could not have been imagined. In-person coaching by our rockstar trainers will remain a core component on our gym floors, supported by a growing arsenal of digital tools. FunXtion is leading the charge in the creation and implementation of quality fitness content, all which can be custom-branded, so the partnership made perfect sense.“

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