Goodlife Fitness digital partnership with FunXtion

Branded App • 20/04/2020

GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s largest fitness company with over 235 Clubs, collaborated with FunXtion to introduce white-labelled digital solutions; a custom branded app with virtual classes and a digital platform solution.

GoodLife and FunXtion were working on the launch of the new app when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The teams quickly pivoted their efforts to ensure members had access to a selection of at-home content to keep them connected, healthy and motivated during such challenging times. 

To improve business efficiencies, the app also enabled seamless on-boarding of new members, class booking, training plans, in-app payments, day pass purchase and QR code login whilst the team also had access to a workout creator, business analytics and a class scheduler. 

In addition, members are able to track performance and activity progress, connect with their trainer and engage on the Club’s activity social wall.

Furthermore, to create the premium digital platform solution, FunXtion integrated with Exerp, the existing club management system, to deliver a flexible, streamlined and scalable option.

The FunXtion white-labelled packages allow clubs to tailor content to suit them, providing a way to boost brand loyalty and unlock digital potential.

“I am proud that we can now support all GoodLife Members at home and anywhere or anytime they want to work out. I am excited for the value and experience we are going to be able to offer our Members. This partnership unlocks and enriches GoodLife’s digital potential and helps us to unlock a boutique-style experience that is so in demand. 

We want to have a flexible solution, embedding digital channels in everything we do in order to communicate a clear and consistent message, improve business efficiency and ultimately improve member experience,” – Sander van der Born, CTMO

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