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NonStop Gym appoints FunXtion to create member training app

Branded App • 06/04/2021

NonStop Gym, a chain of 24/7 clubs in Switzerland, has partnered with FunXtion to create NSG Training, a fully branded member app that extends brand influence beyond the walls of its facilities and enables members to access pre-loaded workouts and training plans anytime, anywhere.

“NSG Training has enabled us to maintain a vital connection to members despite our facilities being closed due to Covid-19. Even when our clubs fully re-open, the app will continue to provide a valued service, helping members to fit training around busy lives rather than the other way around”, explains Ellen Berg, founder and CEO of NonStop Gym.

“We’ve looked for the right partner for quite some time, in order to get the right content through to our members. When I met the FunXtion team it was clear that we shared the same view of brand communication and content creation in order to inspire and motivate members”.

“Through a partnership with FunXtion, we have been able to get a fully custom-branded app up and running within a few months, providing a vital service to members when they need it most. The FunXtion content enables us to motivate members with a good selection of exercises and tailormade training programs. It’s definitely outside of our expertise and would not have achieved this on our own.

The app went live early February. The focus for NonStop Gym is now on encouraging as many members as possible to download the free app, available in both iOS and Android format.

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Ernst de Neef, CEO at FunXtion, says: “Members now expect their gym to offer a digital solution. This is not going to end with the pandemic. For people to commit to a training plan long term, exercise needs to be seamlessly integrated into their daily routine. For this to happen, there needs to be a high degree of flexibility in terms of accessibility to professional, trusted, fitness content. Investment in a wraparound provision is no longer a nice to have, it is now the based level expectation of most members.”

NSG Training integrates FunXtion’s extensive library of with and without equipment workouts and training plans, enabling NonStop Gym members to train wherever they are, whenever they like. Via the FunXtion portal, members can also access motivating challenges to encourage them to push themselves and engage in friendly competition with other members. This is the start of the digital journey for NonStop Gyms and one which can now evolve with the needs of its members.