PureGym boosts digital with FunXtion content

Content & Integrations • 16/03/2020

As part of its strategy to create an unrivaled digital member experience, PureGym teamed up with FunXtion to deliver a huge library of exercise content direct to members via the PureGym app.

The PureGym app enables its 1.5 million members to tailor their fitness experience to reflect their personal preferences, goals and diary. In addition to online booking of classes and personal training, the app now also allows instant access to thousands of exercise tutorials and personalised training plans providing virtual support anytime, anywhere and enabling members to self-manage their training plans.

The training plans enable members and personal trainers to create bespoke multi-week progressive programmes, all supported by video content demonstrating correct technique, negating the need for paper-based systems and enabling instant access 24/7.

PureGym’s digital offering remains central to its customer experience strategy and, as a result, the team is constantly reviewing and enhancing its digital provision.

The FunXtion content provided PureGym with a quality, off-the-shelf product they could ‘plugin’ to its existing application without having to create something from scratch. 

“This new integration is an important step in our digital development,” explains Lucian Weston, Head of Business Development at PureGym. “The exercise tutorials, created by FunXtion, are a fantastic feature which provide our members with specialist support 24 hours a day, helping ensure they train effectively and safely, even when they are not under the supervision of our gym floor trainers.

“FunXtion has been a great choice of digital partner based on the quality of provision, ease of integration, and shared vision on future innovation. I am confident that working together will enable us to continue to deliver an industry-leading product that enhances the experience of all our members.”

PureGym & FunXtion