Sporteve unleashed with FunXtion MultiScreen

In Club • 17/07/2020

Sporteve, a growing chain of ladies only workout spaces with nearly 30 sites operating across
Germany decided to partner with FunXtion, experts in interactive digital fitness, to integrate digital
capabilities onto the gym floor environment, enhancing the training experience for both members
and instructors.

Detlef Garburg, Executive Director, Sporteve explains: “We identified a need to differentiate our
offer in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market. We wanted to elevate our member
experience to the next level and also optimise the level of coaching and support our gym floor
trainers were providing. FunXtion’s MultiScreen Solution offered us the perfect solution.”

“Digitalisation is impacting all aspects of life and we wanted to make sure that we were aligned to
consumer needs and demands. Our members are used to making purchases online, enjoying
subscription based on-demand entertainment at home and having fingertip access to unlimited
information from their mobile devices. Integrating a digital circuit into our training provision seemed
like a natural progression.

Depending on the space available at each site, the Sporteve team have positioned three of four
FunXtion MultiScreen Solution to create a digital workout circuit. Each screen demonstrates a unique
exercise for a pre-programmed time frame. Once this time frame comes to an end, members are
promoted to move on to the next screen, or exercise station. This enables members to enjoy an
effective circuit concurrently, ensuring delivery of a social setting where varying abilities can all
train safely alongside each other.

“The beauty of this setup is that instructors can focus their time with members who most need it,
safe in the knowledge that the other participants are supported by the on-screen coaching. We
installed this solution to enhance gym floor instruction, never to replace it. Members can also self-
activate the digital circuit, allowing them to workout at times most convenient to them.”

The quality of the provision is second to none. All recorded exercise demonstrations are performed
by real people, not animations and we felt this was important to promote a closer connection for our
members, who are mostly busy seniors with limited or no previous gym experience so it is key that
any new introductions to our offering are simple and safe.”