Tesqua creates in club boutique with FunXtion

In Club • 06/02/2020

Tesqua Health and Sports Centre, Netherlands, were looking to upgrade its offering to include a premium boutique, immersive, group exercise concept within its existing facility.

Wanting to elevate the experience to a new level through the implementation of the latest digital innovations, Tesqua sought to place technology at the heart of its boutique offer, delivering an unrivalled member and instructor experience.

In consultation with FunXtion, Tesqua dedicated a third of its workout space to a fully immersive, group exercise ‘box’. Whilst no physical walls define the area, the look and feel is very different from the surrounding space, setting it apart. 

With six FunXtion Multi-Screen solutions positioned at each exercise station, the ‘box’ delivers a memorable, fun and effective workout experience, with individual exercise instruction, creating a personal digital coach linked to the audio and lighting circuits, ensuring all external stimuli work together to create a totally immersive experience.

Recognising that the future of fitness is about the creation of standout, fun, memorable and social experiences in-club whilst maintaining a digital link to members as they go about their daily lives, this model has been a huge success for Tesqua. 

“In response to a global growth in the popularity of boutique fitness experiences such as Barry’s Bootcamp, Orangetheory and a plethora of other independent brands, we wanted to create an inspiring, immersive, experience within the existing footprint of our facility,” says Maarten Stuivenberg, Founder at Tesqua.

“We didn’t just want to follow the crowd. We wanted to take the successful concept and elevate it to a new level through the implementation of the very latest in digital technology. Whilst we have a detailed understanding of emerging global consumer trends and the needs of the consumers residing in our local area, we are not experts in design and product integration. So, we called on the expertise of FunXtion. The end result has been incredible.”