Gym Digitalisation

FunXtion provides you with a way to deliver a wide range of virtual classes and workouts to your members digitally. Deliver boutique, zone and circuit training, digitally guided for visually clear and easy to follow workouts.

From High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Circuit Training to Functional Training and Studio virtual instructor-led all tailored to your location. Create your workouts with the FunXtion Workout Creator and take it to the next level with white labelling.

Virtual Player
High Quality Content

High-quality classes and trainings developed by the FunXtion Squad. On-trend, scientifically founded, energising workouts and virtual classes updated monthly.

Intelligent Workout Creator

In the FunXtion Portal choose from over 2500 exercises giving you full control to create personalised workouts and training plans. Create all workout types from RFT, AMRAP to circuit training and even add your own music.

Space Utilisation

Our team works with you to create the right layout for your space. This flexible solution provides a wide variety of possibilities no matter the available space.

Virtual Player

Introducing the FunXtion Virtual Player. A flexible all-in-one solution to take your gym and studio to the next level.

Stream and schedule world-class virtual classes and workouts.

Virtual Classes
Scheduling VP
Emerge Stronger
Virtual Classes
  • FunXtion’s library of over 300 virtual classes is updated monthly.
  • With our advanced filter function, we make it easier for your member to find the right workout.
  • Class categories: Bodyweight, Strength, Cardio, Boxing or Body & Mind.
  • Plan the virtual classes to play automatically with the FunXtion Scheduling Tool.
  • Classes can be scheduled for both in the studio and/or on the gym floor. Instructors can use it as a teaching aid and member as an independent training assistant.
  • Connects to your existing screen(s).
  • The FunXtion Virtual Player is suitable for in-studio and/or the functional area. Expand your library with the Functional Player features: workouts, challenges and classes.
Functional Player

Functional Player

Digitally deliver a wide variety of workouts to your members on the gym floor. Create your own workout, simply and efficiently with the FunXtion Workout Creator.

Schedule classes for your members or simply press play. The Functional Player is a perfect aid for instructor-led classes or looped workouts for independent member training.

The FunXtion Functional Player connects to your existing screen(s). Take it to the next level with the FunXtion MultiScreen.


The FunXtion MultiScreen Experience enables the digital delivery of different exercises to multiple screens. A perfect flexible solution no matter your gym’s layout.

Together with the FunXtion Workout Creator, you can tailor the perfect workout for your space.

Integrate your music and lighting effects to create a fully immersive experience.