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  • Timing is everything

    26 March, 2021

    Timing is everything!

    Timing isn’t everything but it certainly can determine whether your company sinks or swims. All businesses must... read more
  • FunXtion Digital Fitness

    19 March, 2021

    Go Digital or Bust

    To digitise or not to digitise is no longer the question. A successful digital transformation will, for... read more
  • Online Coaching

    10 March, 2021

    4 ways to create a gym that generates income 24/7

    When it comes to keeping your business afloat during these unprecedented times, it’s important to consider how... read more
  • Smart glasses

    05 March, 2021

    Will augmented reality save gyms?

    The number of people opting to exercise independently at home with the help of virtual instructors who... read more
  • FunXtion Corporate

    19 February, 2021

    Emerging Stronger

    The challenges currently faced by corporate teams, and business leaders, cannot be underestimated. So now is the perfect time to shake up the way your business tackles staff wellness... read more
  • Wearables integration

    15 February, 2021

    FunXtion and WeFitter partner to elevate fitness connectivity and gamification

    FunXtion, experts in interactive digital fitness, has announced an exciting new partnership with WeFitter, creators of a... read more
  • Fitness in life

    24 November, 2020

    Fitness needs to be as integral to life as brushing your teeth

    If we are to get more of the western world moving work out spaces need to be integral to life, not an interruption to it. This means creating training environments where people spend most of their time... read more
  • Digitalisation

    27 October, 2020

    The Ins and Outs of Digitalisation

    Recently, not surprisingly, all the focus relating to the digitalisation of the leisure sector has been on enhancing the out of gym experience. Whilst this is clearly important, we need not to overlook the value an in-gym digital experience has to offer... read more

Knowledge base

  • Guide Books - In Club

    27 November, 2020

    The acceleration of digital fitness – Guide Books

    Keeping businesses afloat during these unprecedented times, whilst servicing members both in-club and remotely, is creating an ongoing strain. With these guide books, we endeavour to support and help the fitness industry accelerate digitally. read more
  • White Paper - In gym

    12 November, 2020

    The acceleration of digital fitness – White Paper

    Join the discussion – the future of physical fitness after the pandemic, the potential for offering hybrid models, and how we can leverage digital technology to meet the new needs of post-lockdown consumers. read more