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The challenges currently faced by corporate teams, and business leaders, cannot be underestimated.

So now is the perfect time to shake up the way your business tackles staff wellness. Healthy, happy employees typically generate higher levels of productivity than unhealthy employees, and as a result, more business success, so it’s no wonder company wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular.

But despite their obvious advantages, there’s been some debate about whether workplace health promotion programs work. The real answer is that some are successful while others are not. And most of the time it’s due to design and execution.

Inconvenient program options, resource commitments, and privacy concerns all fall near the top of the list.

So how do you create a health promotion program that does work? And how will it work to drive your team and your business out of the pandemic, stronger than ever?

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Building a stronger team takes numerous resources.

Directing your employees to a website made available by your insurer or simply sending out a newsletter every month isn’t going to make the cut. These out-of-sight programs do not improve your employee’s health unless they’re part of a larger and more comprehensive health promotion programme that offers a variety of ways to become engaged.

Opportunities for staff to access multiple ways to improve their overall health (mental health supports, physical activities, ergonomic strategies) are vital in producing a stronger team.

Digitalisation of these services is becoming increasingly popular and workers are growing well accustomed to seeking an assortment of holistic services online (audio-guided mindfulness, workout videos, how-to blogs etc), not only as a result of Covid 19, but also in direct response to the widespread adoption of online programmes by Millenials and Gen Z.

Waiting until the lockdown ends is a missed opportunity that could be spent creating a physically and mentally fitter team right now. By implementing a digital programme as soon as possible, you’ll not only provide them with the support they need to be successful now, but you’ll also be setting them and your business up to hit the ground running when the time comes.

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When it comes to participation in corporate wellness programs, flexibility of services is paramount. If employers make it too tough for employees to participate, they’ll bail; rather, if businesses strip away all barriers, staffers will have a much higher probability of joining in.

Due to Covid 19, many on-site or physical facilities are operating at a limited capacity or worse yet, are closed completely. A digital offering can provide your employees with freedom, autonomy and anonymity, so that they can enjoy your health and fitness resources anytime, anywhere.

A digital resource would still be highly advantageous even when facilities reopen, particularly for those employees whose home and work schedules tend to run into conflict with typical gym timetables, or if the distance between their house and your partnered physical facility remain a constant barrier.

A digital service makes for an easier pathway.  Your team will be able to start their health journey together, right away. Each individual will be able to adapt the programme based on their personal needs and circumstances and it will also enable them to create lasting habits that are more likely to withstand the changes post-pandemic.

Besides, it’s one less thing your business will have to change again once the restrictions ease; a digital wellness resource can continue on regardless of the circumstances and won’t require your company having to spend more time and resources on adapting the programme to suit the “new normal”.

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Consolidate & Communicate

Hiring several outsiders to address several different issues and calling it a day isn’t a solid plan either.  Recruiting individual lifestyle coaches, disease management staff, occupational health and safety experts, and so on is a recipe for disaster.

They often work independently and in silos which becomes even more difficult for companies to manage efficiently and worse still, for multinational companies who have to negotiate locally and individually with different centres across geographical regions, instead of having one global agreement.

Developing bespoke company wellness programmes can be extremely expensive and would require a large commitment of resources and staff dedication, whether it’s via a physical or digital product. It’s also particularly difficult for businesses to collaborate with thousands of health and fitness centres for a low price in the same way that third-party providers do.

To make this an effective and easier process for your business, you may want to consider outsourcing your employee wellness program to a third-party digital provider who can organise all of these services for you, in one easy-to-use application.

The result of a digital wellness programme? You’ll build a lasting competitive advantage at your organization because your people are healthy, engaged and thriving while consolidating these services via a third-party provider will reduce risk and demand on your resources and staff.

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