Fitness in life

Fitness needs to be as integral to life as brushing your teeth


If we are to get more of the western world moving work out spaces need to be integral to life, not an interruption to it. This means creating training environments where people spend most of their time – at home and at work. I believe we are on the edge of an exciting new evolution, where technology drives the accessibility of training services, making it possible for fitness to become as much a part of daily life as brushing your teeth.

Consumers are driving this change. Colliers International recently reported that 72 percent of adults would pay more for a property which offered great gym access. Brands like Peloton and Zwift are quenching a thirst for working out at home and co-locating office space with fitness provision is on the rise. Earlier this year in the US, Equinox announced a partnership with flexible workspace provider, Industrious to offer members a chance to work and workout all in one space.

This trend towards enabling people to live, work and train under one roof is supported by technology which now makes it possible to stream outstanding content and support anytime, anywhere. People want fingertip access to training advice and programming that extends way beyond club visiting times. This is the future of fitness.

Fitness in life