FunXtion and WeFitter partner to elevate fitness connectivity and gamification


FunXtion, experts in interactive digital fitness, has announced an exciting new partnership with WeFitter, creators of a digital health tracking software, to provide a fully connected fitness experience, motivating users to lead a healthier lifestyle.

WeFitter is a unique health API that collects data from a multitude of lifestyle apps and wearables which is then presented back to the end user via the FunXtion app. As innovators in fitness gamification, WeFitter has also developed a framework that integrates multiple challenges, events, leaderboards, badges and tangible rewards to enhance user experience.

Mendel Witzenhausen, CTIO FunXtion adds: “This partnership will elevate our provision of training and online coaching to the next level. Individuals using our app to access high-quality virtual workouts will now also be able to track their fitness journey through data collected from their wearable of choice, get involved in challenges plus set and track engagement and performance goals.

“Through AI and machine learning, WeFitter also helps us to better analyse our data and build transparent algorithms, all adding to the delivery of  a more personalised experience for our end users.”

Nick Bosscher, Business owner of WeFitter, explains: “FunXtion already delivers beautifully shot, on-demand workouts. Our integration will enable users to better understand the impact of their activity through health markers such as resting heart rate, heart rate during exercise, calories burned and sleep patterns. With this data, users can train effectively and enjoy the benefits of efficient, individualised online coaching.”

At a time when feeling connected is more important than ever before, it will also help maintain motivation through the connected gamification options for those who enjoy an element of friendly personal or inter-personal competition.”

Find out more about FunXtion App right here.

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WeFitter API is created by Thunderbyte.AI, an AI and machine learning company with over 12 years of experience in building AI powered digital health solutions. WeFitter aims to make lifestyle and healthcare data from wearables easy accessible and usable in gamification. 

WeFitter API makes it possible to easily integrate connections with today’s most used fitness apps and wearables in order to get, understand and leverage lifestyle data in existing health app’s and platforms. WeFitter API aggregates lifestyle data from multiple connections simultaneously to get insights in relevant health trends of users. With extended gamification options like challenges, leaderboards, badges, events, points and rewards WeFitter makes it possible to build and grow engaged healthy communities and motivate end users in living a healthier lifestyle.

With several AI and machine learning techniques WeFitter is able to make more sense out of this lifestyle data and leverage it for segmentation and personalization of content.