Is Amazon driving the future of fitness?


In this fast-paced world, consumers want services to come to them, quickly. Look at the success of Amazon Prime subscription. We can have that must-have item in our hands, often from suppliers hundreds of miles away, within 24hrs, at the click of a button. Amazing! This is increasingly how people will demand fitness services be supplied. Whilst some, probably just the 20 percenters, will always value the physical experience of visiting a fitness facility, the majority of the population is not engaging in this model. To increase penetration we need to find new solutions. I believe the answer is digital.

Streaming quality fitness content and services presents new opportunities for facility owners to extend brand influence into homes and workspaces, 24/7. Individuals already affiliated with the facility can enjoy familiar classes and training routines, remotely. 

Individuals yet to engage, can access quality fitness content at times and locations convenient to them, delivered by a trusted brand. Either way, this represents huge opportunities to extend participation. This is the future of fitness.

Video streaming services