Trainer versus tech – why choose? Blended is best


Tesqua Case

Ernst de Neef, FunXtion CEO, experts in digital fitness, explain how savvy operators are embracing technology as a means of enhancing their instructor-led in-club experience through a blended approach. 

“Technology offers the fitness industry unlimited opportunities and is to be embraced rather than feared. It creates new pathways for brands to connect to consumers through the delivery of customer-centric services, delivered anywhere, anytime, placing bland influence at the heart of daily life.

This is all fantastic but humans are social creatures and still crave physical contact with others. Given the choice, few group exercise enthusiasts will disagree that an instructor- led class is more desirable and attract higher participation than a virtual one. But, in this new age of convenience and a demand for 24/7 access to content and support, there is a place for both.

Take our FunXtion Experience Station and multiscreen product innovations. We are working with several global operators to deliver exercise and workout content direct to the gym floor where it is supporting instructors leading group exercise classes. The members are aided digitally through workouts, progressions, regressions and demonstrated correct exercise technique allowing the instructor to spend more time with each individual.

The experience for the member does not end there, the FunXtion app extends the operators engagement capabilities outside the walls of the facility. Exercise content and Online Coaching intelligence can be offered through the app, white labelled into the club brand or integrated into the own club app.

Utilising the blended approach, allows operators to provide members with round-the-clock support, extending brand influence and ensuring members get the best of both words from their fitness experience; digital and personal.”